About Us

This business began with the search for the perfect gift.

We have all been there, anxious to find it, stressed out looking for it, and impulsively purchasing it, even though we’re unsure about it. That elusive perfect gift!

I was in that predicament last year. I wanted to give something meaningful to my best friends, the happy couple who were getting married in two weeks. I couldn’t find anything special or significant enough so then I toyed with the idea of creating something bespoke for them. I used my tools (literally), a hammer, nails, some wool, half an idea, and a lot of heart and on the 27th June 2017, my very first frame from All Strings Attached was born.

I created this frame of woven memories for the happy couple. They were so delighted with it they put it on display by the wedding cake during the day. I was flattered and truly delighted that they were so moved by it. By the time the happy couple took to the floor for the first dance, three people had come up to me to ask me to create something similar for them. I was pleasantly surprised and I happily obliged, delighted that finally I had found the idea of that perfect gift.

You, the customer play an intrinsic part of this experience. It’s a creative dialogue where your details and ideas form the essence of this product. It’s a privilege to allow these moments and memories to materialise in a simple, yet elegant frame. These are gifts from the heart and are tailored by me with the utmost care and attention to detail in order to ensure that the lucky recipient feels the time, thought, effort and love that has been woven into this personal, unique, “once off” gift.

I believe that my frames encapsulate a moment in peoples’ lives where time stands still and is preserved forever on the walls of their homes to be glanced at lovingly on a daily basis.

One year on and I am more passionate than ever about this business. All Strings Attached has blossomed from one simple gift to a growing business.